MySpace Announces Own Primary

Yet the Nation Will March On

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MySpace apparently is going to hold its own presidential primary. This is interesting in the way that Model U.N. is interesting. But it does strike me a slightly humorous that HuffPo's Rachel Sklar finds this news somewhat momentous. She points out that the MySpace crowd is so huge and it's so easy to game the system.

Good points. But allow me to play the role of old coot here and point out that MySpace votes don't count and will have all the impact as the Obama rally in Second Life that was held this past weekend.

So what if MySpace has a population greater than that of Mexico? There will probably be more Mexicans voting in the next U.S. presidential elections than MySpace users. Aside from those countless millions who are too young to vote, you also have to take into consideration those countless millions who will be too busy playing with their MySpace pages to show up at the polls. And all the Nielsen data to the contrary isn't going to convince me otherwise. I don't care how politically involved these people claim they are. Until they start showing up in First Life voting booths, they don't exist.

And if you believe that Ma and Pa Kettle -- the real, actual voters who show up at real, actual voting booths -- give a rat's patootie what the MySpace set thinks, you'll also believe that DailyKos and his minions will vanquish Hillary Clinton because of her war record.

All 60 million MySpace voters could pick Candidate X.

And CNN and Fox and MSNBC and all the others could give that result 72 hours of news coverage.

And, like it or not, it would still boil down to what handfuls of civic-minded cranks in Iowa and New Hampshire think.

I'll tell you exactly what political operators (outside of the PR team) think of all this brave-new-frontier web stuff: "Awww, that's cute. Now go raise us some more money and try not to embarrass the campaign too much."
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