MySpace Needs to Cash in on This Spitzer Thing

Ashley Dupre's Profile Is Drawing Major Traffic

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When it comes to the advertising and marketing trades you can probably find a MySapce or Facebook mention in every third article or so.

But what does a social network have to do to get some serious general media coverage?

It's simple. Just be a part of one of the biggest sexual/political scandals in the country since that one a few years back involving a certain stained blue dress from the Gap. Now the MySapce connection to the Eliot Spitzer sex scandal isn't even a direct one, but once Ashley Alexandra Dupre was identified, news spread about her MySpace profile drawing over 5 million visitors, all of who I'm sure were more interested in learning more about Ms. Dupre, the person, than checking out the provocative pictures she posted on the site. Her information was taken down from the site on Thursday. But her profile (or some form of it, including her "hit" song) was back up on Friday.

MySpace, Ms. Dupre and Dupre's employer, the Emperor's Club, are the big winners in this thing based on all the free publicity they're getting. But MySpace needs to start capitalizing on it. A good portion of people, marketers included, still think MySpace is for kids, nerds and the pedophiles and porn spammers who prey on them. If MySpace ever wanted an adult spokesperson who could help promote the network as an adult friendly service they now have one in Ms. Dupre. Sure, she doesn't exactly have a clean image, but this is certainly better publicity than the sexual-predation stories MySpace has been mentioned in over the last year. (Yes, MySpace PR, we realize that much of that is little more than hysteria fanned by a lazy media, but there it is.)

And let's not forget that Virgin Mobile and Sirius Satellite Radio, neither of which has any connection to this whole thing, has already capitalized on the Spitzer scandal. So why can't MySpace?
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