Naked Cowboy Sues Over M&M Character

Times Square Attraction Wants $6M

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There's a slim chance you've never heard of Robert Burck, the man who had the bright idea to stand out in Times Square in his tighty-whities while playing guitar. But the folks behind the M&M brand had and considered the Naked Cowboy famous enough to fashion an M&M after him. Said M&M then became part of the montage showing above Times Square. Now Burck is suing. According to the New York Post, Burck "is trying to take a $6 million bite out of a giant candy corporation, charging it stole his identity by dressing an animated blue M&M in his skimpy trademark outfit."

Many a New Yorker would undoubtedly side with Burck. After all, here's a guy who stands out in the freezing cold in his skivvies. Give him some money and recognition, right? But Burck doesn't seem to know when to stop talking. Just when you start to feel a little sympathy for the guy, he makes it sound like creating the Naked Cowboy is right up there with finding the cure for cancer: "All I've got is my underwear. It's the most brilliant thing that's ever been created from a marketing perspective. You can't stop it," Burck told the Post.
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