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Mag's Guest Blogger So Much Cooler Than Yours

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So get this. Loyal More reader Nicole Stott contacted the magazine to see if she could get a digital subscription while she goes away at the end of the month. Where's she going? Oh. Just a little place we like to call the final frontier. She's hitching a ride on the Space Shuttle Discovery, hanging for four months on the International Space Station and coming back on Atlantis.

Nicole Stott
Nicole Stott
No way was More going to let that opportunity slide by. So now Stott will be guest-blogging for the magazine as she prepares for launch and, even cooler, from actual orbit.

Stott's first post went up this week. (Note to More: Needs to look more bloggy, less like an article. Just saying.) Here's a snippet:

Hi. My name is Nicole Passonno Stott. At 46 years old, I'm a mother, I'm a wife, and I'm a NASA astronaut who's about to make her first space flight. I'm writing this blog to try and share some of my experiences preparing for the flight and then once on orbit I hope there will be some surprising things to share with you about living and working in space
So wait. She's not an actress, reality-show star, pop-singer or some such? Any way we could redirect the traffic to all those other women's magazines (you know who I'm talking about!) to her blog?

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