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Don't Get 'Burned to a Crispin'

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Peter M. De Lorenzo over at has rounded up a few of the words and phrases that are now used every single day in the auto industry (or words that should be used every single day). Along with some funny general-industry terms (CHARIOTS OF THE TODDS - A reference to the cars in the company parking lot driven by the IT minions), De Lorenzo's included a couple that have to do with advertising and branding:
  • BURNED TO A CRISPIN A relentlessly square auto company advertising manager who is suffering a near total meltdown due to the exhaustion brought on from trying to be hip, as in, "She was fine until she got her ass burned to a crispin on that latest trying-too-hard-to-be-hip ad campaign."

  • CAYENNED-UP When a car company loses its focus and goes off on product tangents and investigates segments that it has no business playing in, as in, "We had it all together until our marketing brain trust got all cayenned-up, and the next thing we knew we were working on a cubist minivan made out of recycled bamboo."

  • PONTIHACKED When a car company squanders its legacy and loses its way, only to realize (too late) that their mojo is irretrievable, as in, "That used to be one of the great car companies until they pontihacked it to death with their own serial incompetence."
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