Old Navy Thanks Grammar Police for Catching Embarrassing Typo

Thousands of Superfan College Tees No Longer in Stock

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Thank you, Grammar Police!
Thank you, Grammar Police!
College-sports fans across the country were undoubtedly thrilled when Old Navy included NCAA teams as part of its Superfan Nation line. But women looking to snap up the "Let's Go" line of T-shirts were frustrated and Old Navy was mightily embarrassed when the grammar police pointed out that the shirts read "Lets go" rather than the grammatically correct "Let's go."

Now, Old Navy could have stood its ground. Heck, it could have claimed authenticity. After all, considering the state of American education in general -- and the "education" of star athletes at some of these NCAA programs -- "Lets go" is how most people would spell it. But, no. While the shirts still appear online in all of their grammatically incorrect glory, fans attempting to buy them are met with the message seen above.

Well-played Old Navy!

And for those of you traveling in developing countries in the coming months, now you'll know why all those kids are running around in NCAA clothing. (Undoubtedly, the toughest kids will be sporting SEC gear.)

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