Net Neutrality Debate Settled!

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OK, so that headline may be slightly misleading. The Net Neutrality issue is so complicated that the debate can't even be framed by anyone without an engineering degree from MIT. Why, remember what it did to poor Ted Stevens from Alaska?

But the folks at We Are The Web have won one battle--the battle for hilarious, yet poignant, video. And they've won big. Aside from the catchy tune, what really makes the video stand out is that it stars some of the web's biggest cult phenomena, including Gem Sweater Museum Curator Leslie Hall, Jay Maynard (aka The Tron Guy), the Chinese lip-synching dudes, the SpongMonkeys(before they were Quiznos commercial super stars), and crazy cats.

And I can't forget to mention one of my all-time favorite web, uh, characters: Randy "Peter Pan" Constan.

Believe it or not, there's a point to this video. From the Net Neutrality point of view, if the "major corporations" have their way and install teired internet service, this sort of wackiness might be a thing of the past. And no one could possibly want that, right?

If you're too busy (or lazy) to follow the link (the video's on the lower left), simply hit play below for a slightly lower res version.
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