Newsflash: Ad Industry Populated by Out-of-Touch Whiners

White Ad Exec Discovers Starbucks, Black People

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Ouch! This is from a New York Times review of Michael Gates Gill's "How Starbucks Saved My Life."

Gill, with the grating babe-in-the-woods persona he adopts in this book, would have us believe that top advertising executives like him have no idea that there are black people in the world and that some of them run small businesses; that every weekday thousands of people gather at places like Grand Central Terminal for a ritual known as rush hour; that an overwhelming majority of lives are lived in the service of train schedules and bill collectors. If the rest of Madison Avenue royalty is as clueless about the real world as Gill makes himself seem in this book, off with their heads.

If the reviewer is that surprised to learn that an agency exec is surprised to learn about the existence of black people, he obviously has very little interaction with Madison Avenue.

For those of you too busy to read what seems to be a highly (and unintentionally) laughable book, don't worry: Tom Hanks is going to make a movie!
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