Newspapers Win One Against Google

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Belgian newspapers are fed up with ad-revenue losses over the past couple of years and they're blaming it all on Google.

The New York Times reports that the Belgian Court of First Instance backed up the newspapers and held Google responsible for offering news snippets to readers by way of their search engine, thus completely skirting the advertising readers might have normally seen had they gone to the newspapers' own web sites. While Google argues that their distribution of headlines and a few lines of text is covered by fair-use provisions, Pierre Louette, president of Agence France-Presse, sees it differently: "Effectively . . . [T]hey attach no value to the headlines, pictures and text from around the world that we spend a lot of money producing."

Louette sees this in contradiction with Google's own deal inked last month with the Associated Press, in which Google has agreed to license content from the AP.

Anyone know the German or French for "Let them have RSS?"
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