Not So Nice Beaver!! Hits Out at Rival's Super Bowl Commercial

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For the fourth year in succession a certain company has produced a Super Bowl commercial that has -- shock! horror! gasp! -- been deemed too dirty and/or sexist for network TV. Yes, too dirty even for Fox.

We all know the routine by now. Create an ad you know won't meet network standards then submit it to the network for rejection. Once rejected, unleash the press releases. Bask in (free) media glory as clueless TV anchors report this as "news." Submit toned-down version of the ad undoubtedly planned from the beginning.

It was interesting the first time, stupid the second and now it's simply cheap and irritating.

This year's ad from the unmentionable company features auto racer Danica Patrick and -- are you prepared for side-splitting laughter -- a beaver. Fox rejected the ad because of the use of the word "beaver," also slang for part of a woman's anatomy. Well, bravo Fox!!

And because this company has annoyed us to no end during one of our favorite holidays (yes, we consider the Super Bowl a holiday), it shall go unnamed and unlinked. Further, we shall reproduce a statement from Larry Kutscher, who is CEO of, one of the offending company's main rivals.
"[Company name deleted] for the fourth year in a row has run a commercial in the Super Bowl that doesn't talk about its customers, its services, or what they do. Instead, it has elected to focus on scantily clad women and shock value for the purpose of creating some buzz. We believe businesses are looking for answers, not just flash and sex. Rather than focusing on frivolous ads, is committed to making our small business customers successful online though our services and customer experience. We take great pride in helping our customers achieve their goals and build their online business."

When choosing the best web service provider, small businesses should consider the track record and values of who they are working with. We encourage all small businesses out there to contrast's service with [Company name deleted] and ask themselves who they'd want to work with."

Enjoy the game!
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