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Outsource Your Customer Service Hold Time!

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Look out marketers. Your pernicious attempts to foil customer gripes and save a buck or two by creating automated phone trees have been thwarted. is a service that promises not only to navigate phone trees for customers, but to wait on hold for them as well.

According to BRINGO Business Development Manager Marcin Musiolik, "users simply choose the company they wish to call, and we'll dial the company directly, navigate their phone tree, and call them back when they are in queue for an operator or customer service representative. The service is available for free, and we've gotten some great feedback so far."

The company's doing a "soft beta launch" and is looking to get more traffic to better test their system. So if you've got some complaining to do -- say if you're stuck with a lousy cable company or a certain airline has lost all of your luggage -- this is definitely worth a shot.

The service is free to consumers and the company will likely settle on some form of ad support (whether through ads on the site or audio ads on the phone).

(Now, if someone would start a service that could do all of this AND find an English speaker who actually could solve all your problems ... )
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