Ogilvy to Employees: Take a Day Off to Vote

A Vacation Day, That Is

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According to a memo acquired by Gawker, Ogilvy is encouraging its employees to vote. But! If those long lines cut too far into your work day, guess who's going to be charged for a vacation day (Hint: It won't be Barack Obama or John McCain). By the way, it doesn't take any time at all to vote at AdAge.com.

Sayeth the memo: "We'd like to remind you that the future of your country depends on making your voice count, NOT your political affiliation." Of course, that makes no sense at all. That's the namby-pamby crap taught in kindergarten. Making your voice count? What? By that rationale, if you voted in Hitler, it's fine ... as long as you made your voice count.

The memo continues: "We will be flexible that day if you need to come in late or leave a little early (please make sure you account for your office's minimum required hours of work time -- if you need more time, please use personal or vacation)."

Actually, I'll side with Ogilvy on this one. It doesn't take all day to vote. At most, it takes three or four hours. Sure, it may take a little longer if you stop off at Starbucks for the free coffee, but that's your problem, slacker.
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