Oliver Stone to Helm Anti-War Ad

Consumer-Generated Element Included

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MoveOn.org, the political group that again and again proves itself ahead of the curve in mastering web marketing and web theatrics, has snagged Oliver Stone to direct an upcoming anti-war ad.

The Politico has some useful background here: "Director Oliver Stone is planning to direct an anti-war television commercial chosen by members of the liberal group MoveOn.org. The Stone ad campaign will focus on a specific American family affected by the war."

But using a Hollywood heavyweight to get the message out is so 20th century. So MoveOn has added a consumer aspect -- they can go here and pick the interviews with soldiers and families they think should be featured in the spots.

One thing I'll point out, though, is that the phrase anti-war must not be polling very well as it's not included anywhere in the press release. Instead we're given a heaping helping of "support the troops" with a side of "responsible redeployment" -- whatever that's supposed to mean.
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