Onstar Operator Should Win an Award

An Example of a Customer Service Professional

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The below video was brought to my attention last week. In it, some young folks on a crabbing trip in Louisiana decide to call Onstar and ask for help finding a friend (or the directions to the crabbing location, I'm not quite sure). It's obviously a prank, and one made all the funnier by the perpetrators turning the Cajun accent all the way to 11. But it occurred to me over the weekend that the Onstar representative never once wavered in his job. The guy probably couldn't understand half the words being spoken to him and I still wonder if he figured he was being pranked. Whatever the case, the man exhibited the patience of a saint and tried his best. We're always piling on when we find an example of bad customer service, but here is an example of exemplary customer service (even in the face of questionable customer behavior).

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