Discuss: Is PETA Giving Oprah a Free Pass on KFC?

The Friend of My Enemy Is My ... Person of the Year?

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Deceiver.com brought up an interesting point a couple days ago. Considering PETA has been waging war against KFC for years now, why has it been all but silent regarding Oprah's endorsement of the restaurant. Indeed, Oprah was named a PETA person of the year.

Well, duh. It's one thing to declare war on some fast-food joint. It's another to declare war on God. First rule of marketing: Don't mess with Oprah.

And if you're the sort driven to near insanity because Oprah has become some sort of God-like figure who people worship, fear and excuse from all sorts of ridiculously bad behavior, you're going to love PETA's official statement, sent to the Ecorazzi blog. "PETA was horrified and immediately wrote privately to Oprah to enquire as to whether KFC had deliberately misled her the way it has been misleading other consumers on its Web site." That's right. Oprah was suckered by KFC. She can do no wrong.

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