Oreos, Snickers Campaign Among Winners of Crapvertising Awards

Utah Agency Not Afraid to Call Out Bad Campaigns

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Two months ago, we brought you news of the Tracy Awards, a show designed to celebrate bad advertising. Well, good news, folks. According to Crowell Advertising in Salt Lake City, "after two months of pointing, laughing, and nausea, our judges have finally handed down the list" of winners -- or losers, as the case may be.

According to the organizers, "in-house CMOs at the various brands whose ads have been deemed Tracy-worthy will receive a genuine, 100% plastic Tracy trophy." We're sure they'll be thrilled. Some of those winners:

  • Best reckless waste of expensive talent: Oreo's "Double-Stuf Racing League." Judges' commentary: "Not only did Oreo clearly blow its budget by hiring both Peyton AND Eli Manning, it managed to quash every last drop of their natural charisma with vacant pseudo-hilarity that winks at the audience so often you'd think you're watching a Sarah Palin speech."

  • Best use of cross-promotion to single-handedly destroy comedy forever: Microsoft's "Family Guy/Windows 7" effort.

  • Best high-profile fall from grace: Snickers' "Snickers Speak" outdoor and print. From the judges' commentary: "Clever is only good if it's relevant. And clever. You, Sir Snacksalot, are neither. See? Any idiot can write for Snickers."

  • Best use of a dead horse to beat another dead horse while jumping the shark: Coors Light's "Post-Game Coach Interviews."

  • Best use of incomprehensible pretentiousness in a print ad: Basil Hayden's "Good Luck." From the judges' commentary: "Have some self-respect, Basil. You're a whiskey, not some vodka with an umlaut in your name and a flower on the bottle."

For a complete list of winners, go to the website.

I think it's a safe assumption that should any of these accounts go into review, Crowell won't be invited to pitch.

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