Outdoor Campaign to Usher in Era of Peace

Who Needs Obama When You Have Billboards?

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Just when you thought it was time to retire "Yes we can," the folks at Taxi, New York, would like to shove one more tagline into the political stratosphere.

Paul Lavoie, the New York chairman and chief creative officer at the shop, has partnered with the Outdoor Advertising Association of America for a campaign dubbed "Vs. * Us." As in, America was "Vs." before Nov. 4 and is now "Us" after the election.

Of course, as anyone who heard the resounding jeers whenever Sen. John McCain mentioned Sen. Barack Obama during his concession speech knows, the tagline is naïve at best. Never mind the heated races behind social issues such as Prop. 8 in California, which will ban gay marriage in a state that just approved it months ago, or Democratic talk about disappearing talk radio with a revival of the fairness doctrine, or all those meth addicts hatching ridiculous murder plots.

The first of two ads was rolled out today, through pro bono donations from OAAA members like CBS Outdoor, Lamar Advertising Co., Clear Channel Outdoor, EYE Corp. and Titan Worldwide, featuring "Vs." above the words "Last night" and "Us" above the words "This morning."

Mr. Lavoie conceived of the campaign's idea just five days before the Nov. 5 launch, apparently with the intention to promote both America's newly "unified" mind-set but also the flexibility of digital out-of-home, to show how advertisers can create and upload ads within days. "Out-of-home is a powerful medium, even more so with the advent of digital technology," he said. "Yet it is underappreciated. This campaign succeeds on two levels -- by influencing the public with a positive message and by illustrating out-of-home's capacity as a leading, national medium."

Ads are running on any of participating members' available inventory, from buses to mall networks. Lamar uploaded the ad on a digital billboard in Harrisburg, Pa., this morning. The first ad will air through Nov. 6, to be replaced by an ad substituting "Last night" and "This morning" with "November 4" and "November 5." Those ads will run from Nov. 6 to Nov. 12.

Stephen Freitas, the OAAA's chief marketing officer, added, "The political rancor and vitriol of this election was intense. We saw an opportunity to influence Americans positively, while at the same time highlight the power of digital out-of-home media in nationwide messaging."

Sadly, no unicorns or rainbows were used in any of the ads.
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