Vote for Your Favorite: Mr. Whipple vs. Mr. Clean in a P&G Icon Runoff

Brand Characters Squeezed Into the Top; Now It's Time to Pick a Winner

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Yesterday, we pitted 10 P&G advertising icons against one another. After 665 votes were tallied, Mr. Clean (27%) and Mr. Whipple (23%) bested the rest of the field.

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like, a recent vintage from Old Spice TV and online videos, came in third with 21% of the vote. The Charmin Bears took 9%, Rosie the Waitress (Bounty) nabbed 8%, the guy from the 1990s' Cheers commercials grabbed 5%, Punchy (Hawaiian Punch) pulled in 4%, Pringles' Mr. P took 2% and Josephine the Plumber (Comet) and Mr. . Olson (Folgers) had 1% each.

And now you must pick a winner from the top two vote-getters. So who is it going to be? Mr. Clean or Mr. Whipple?

Below, find some of their work.

Mr. Whipple

Mr. Clean

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