Most Painfully Clueless Press Release of the Week

Or: 700 Views Does Not a YouTube Hit Make

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If there's one thing that ticks me off more than really stupid and pointless press releases, it's really stupid and pointless press releases heralding the latest Video Gone Viral. And in the most recent case that's gotten my goat, this supposedly hot viral video has had 700 -- 700!!! -- views on YouTube. To put that in perspective, that's over 34,000 fewer views than garnered by just one of the many versions of an hour-and-a-half Channel 4 documentary -- a DOCUMENTARY -- from the U.K. called The Great Global Warming Swindle floating around on YouTube and Google Video.

Or, as a colleague pointed out, you can get 700 hits by putting your cat on YouTube. In fact, Nora the Piano Playing Cat currently has 1,959,260 views than this supposed viral video.

What's really egregious about this sad attempt at press is the number of supposed journalists who played along. Here's the press release -- sans the video link, the name of the product, etc. Because I simply refuse to inadvertently reward this behavior.

Dear Reporter
It's just a funny song in which a woman wishes a man could be [REDACTED]. After all, as the song [REDACTED] begins, a man would be [REDACTED]

Well, the song, which has now had over 700 hits on YouTube, has sparked a wide range of comments, mostly from men who, you might say, are [REDACTED].

For example, Steve Millburg, a former senior editor with Coastal Living, a Time publication about travel, homes, and gardens, had this to say: [REDACTED]

An editor for USA Today observed that: [REDACTED]

BobTanem, who writes gardening books and has a Sunday morning radio show on KSFO in San Francisco simply replied with a [REDACTED]. One man, who took the song way too seriously, wondered what people would think of a song called [REDACTED]. He thought that idea might go over "like a dead rat in a punchbowl".

And a TV Guide editor, Maitland McDonagh, had this comment in her blog: [REDACTED]

The lyrics and music were written by [REDACTED].

There's a little bit more, but really, you've wasted enough time on this, haven't you?
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