I've Done My Part for America and McD's

Who Says TV Advertising Doesn't Work?

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So I'm sitting there watching TV when I see this spot for McDonald's. Promoting the 1/3 Pound Angus Burger, it features a couple supposedly from Texas. They're sitting on the front porch and tell me that I, as a New York resident, am blessed to live in a test market for this hamburger. Further, I should run out and sample one in an effort to drive up sales and convince McD's to offer it in the general market so that my fellow Americans can partake. The couple then strikes up a tune.

Yesterday, for the first time in probably 20 years, I ate a McDonald's burger (I'm a McNuggets man). While it was no Wendy's Big Bacon Classic, the Angus was tasty (c'mon, McD's, you can't be skimping with two strips of bacon!).

So I've done my part.

That said, I'm assuming McDonald's is smart enough to not run that Texas spot in Texas. The company should also yank the Boston version of the ad. That doesn't need to be on my TV.
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