Most Pathetic Press Release Ever

And Batman Wept

By Published on .

Why yes, the completely ridiculous premise did get us to read the release. Then we all pointed and laughed.
Batman would be nothing more than Bruce Wayne without the cool gadgets he uses to capture Gotham City's seediest characters. Why then are today's heroes, among them designers of rich online interactive media (videos, animations, etc.), not yet using cool tools to capture approvals on videos and animation? Using post-it notes, interoffice mail, and emails to collaborate, review projects, provide feedback, track and manage projects ... Can you say, "Holy Cumbersome, Inefficient, and Not Cool, Batman?!"

Early users of PROOF-it-ONLINE's new inMotion say its ability to review content in motion, the way it was designed -- not just by presenting printed stills or trying to capture feedback on a moving target -- is what the industry needs and where it's headed. Today's web-based collaboration and approval management software, such as inMotion, has evolved to ease the burden of administrative details, improve workflow, and secure approvals -- ultimately accelerating project cycles. This means more focus on creativity, innovation and client satisfaction.

Even Lucius Fox would be hard-pressed to develop technology of this caliber!

Please consider our invitation to check out this new tool. It only takes two minutes; all you have to do is click this button. Go ahead, give it a try. And if you'd like to know more so you can share with your readers, we're happy to arrange for a demo and/or company interview.
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