A Not-So-Great Moment in Real-Estate Advertising

Paramount's Attempt at Parody Too Real to Be Funny

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If you were fortunate enough to catch an episode of the extremely entertaining (hehe) Bravo series "Million Dollar Listing," you should have a general sense for the stereotypical image that Hollywood has established for real-estate agents in the City of Angels. If you buy into the hype (like I do), then you shouldn't be the least bit surprised when you see this billboard for one of L.A.'s finest, Peter Klaven. He's tan. He's overly confident. He claims to be uber-successful. He's metrosexual. He's Paul Rudd. Wait. What? Yes, folks, we've been duped. Apparently, Paramount Pictures thought it would be HI-larious to try some buzz-generating trickery, promoting Paul Rudd's character from the movie "I Love You, Man." Passers-by were greeted with this gigantic and clearly enhanced billboard with a URL as the only call to action. At this point, peterklaven.com directs you to the Paramount home page, but I can only imagine that prior to the 2009 theatrical release, the site was filled with cliches.

Call me tainted, but as someone who has seen my fair share of real-estate ads, this ad just isn't that far from realistic. Travel on over to realadtors.wordpress.com (shameless plug), and you'll see that real-estate agents are capable of creating much worse (or better) buzz-worthy ads, most times without even trying. Regardless, I appreciate the attempt to get clever. Good game, Paramount. Better luck next time.

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Dana Severson is a Minneapolis-based ad director with an unusually large forehead. He is the creator of the Official Real"ad"tor Awards. Read his bio here or follow him on Twitter here.

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