Penguins Jump the Shark for GRM

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What? No polar bears?
What? No polar bears?
The Global Retail Marketing Association is holding its Global Retail Marketing Executive Summit 2007 and has chosen for its theme, "Global Retail Warming." According to the agenda, there's only one speech tied to this odd theme--something to do with "The Global Climate: The Changing World." I've been staring at the brochure for fifteen minutes trying to figure out what's going on here--aside from a couple of penguins catching an ice floe to the local mall. Judging by the brochure, the decision to go with this theme was based upon three factors

  1. A lot of people were talking about global warming this year, including Al "The Cold Front" Gore.
  2. Penguins are totally in. Even if "Happy Feet" the movie sucked, the commercials were cute!
  3. A discount on penguin-themed clip art.

Seriously. People in marketing should know better.
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