Penthouse Executive Club Ad Is One Fine Piece of Art

This Spot Will Change the Way You View Strippers

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Are you like me? When you think "strip club" -- regardless of how "high class" the joint is supposed to be -- do you think about sad women who've made some wrong choices in life taking their clothes off for leering strangers? Are you bothered more by the still-grasping young woman trying to justify her job by saying it's some sort of feminist gesture, a temporary measure to work her way through that criminal-justice degree? Or the drugged-out plasticized woman who's given up all pretense about what goes on in the VIP room? Do you think about the broken-hearted (or abusive) fathers somewhere out there? Do you wonder about the regular at such places who comes night after night, draining his bank account one lap dance at a time, hoping that this night, Champagne will change her mind and no longer see him as just a client?

Well, this ad for the Penthouse Executive Club is going to change all that!

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