People Plugs Bogusky's Diet Book, Ignores His Day Job

McDonald's Products Used as Bad Examples, but No Mention of Client Burger King

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People Magazine - Lose Weight spread

Alex Bogusky and his "9-Inch Diet" hit bookshelves this week with the help of an uber-endorsement: a flashy two-page spread that appears in the Jan. 12 issue of People magazine, a special double-issue dedicated to weight loss.

In his now much-discussed tome, published by Powerhouse Books, the adman blames gigantic portions for the country's obesity epidemic, offering as the cure smaller plates. The trick apparently has worked for Mr. Bogusky, who has "whittled 3 inches from his waist since switching to 9-inch plates five years ago," People writes.

The article is a pretty nice plug, considering that People is easily one of the country's most-read publications, with paid circulation of nearly 3.7 million and overall readership estimated at a whopping 43.5 million.

But, the piece altogether skirts the seemingly dissonant issue of Mr. Bogusky penning a diet book. After all, his agency churns out ads for two of the world's biggest fast feeders, Burger King and Domino's.

Sure, Bogusky's day job is widely known in the ad business, but the average Joe probably doesn't know that Mr. Bogusky's income is, at least in part, supplemented by two fast-food companies. People neglects to mention that. Neither does the piece make any mention of the agency where his name is on the door: MDC Partners' Crispin Porter & Bogusky.

In referencing the obnoxiously large portions that are responsible for growing butts in the U.S., the article depicts McDonald's fries and drinks as examples.

A quick scan of the issue reveals that two fast-feeders bought up print space: Subway and Sonic.

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