Pepsi Can: Hey, Remember Me?

Recycling Message Gets $40 Million Space

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Have we met before?

No, it's not a sleazy pickup line -- well, yes it is, just not in this case -- it's the name of Pepsi's latest campaign, which is meant to promote recycling. The campaign eschews typical marketing media in favor of its own cans, all of which will carry recycling messages and facts, provided by the National Recycling Coalition through the rest of the year.

"Our goal is to reenergize consumers about recycling," said Nicole Bradley, a Pepsi spokeswoman. "We've learned that most people will recycle when they remember, so we thought the 'Have we met before?' program [would be] a great way to remind people about the positive impact of recycling."

About 500 million Pepsi cans and 250 million Diet Pepsi cans per month will feature the recycling campaign, for a total of nearly seven billion cans by the end of the year. Not a bad way to get out a message.

So, what would it cost the average marketer to plaster its message across billions of soda cans? A fairly reasonable $35 million to $40 million, according to Pepsi, which provided the figure as an estimate of the ad value for the space on the cans. That's equivalent to a cost of about six-tenths of one cent per can, certainly not bad for a placement that consumers are likely to spend at least part of their day staring at.
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