Pepsi Max Girl Can't Get No Respect

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Pepsi's promotional event for Diet Pepsi Max at Grand Central Terminal involved the standard fare: silly games (including something resembling whack-a-mole), a T-shirt giveaway, product samples -- and, apparently, some guy channeling the ghost of Rodney Dangerfield.

Diet Pepsi Max is billed as "an invigorating zero-calorie cola with ginseng and more caffeine." This formulation, according to press materials, "is specially designed for adults to get them through the day."

But one passer-by might have been confused about the invigoration aspect. Though the product is aimed at the 24-to-35-year-old set, an older gentleman, about 60 years in age, approached one of the Diet Pepsi Max Sample Girls. Clothed in a pink polo shirt with an upturned collar and a sports jacket, he obviously felt he was part of the Pepsi Max generation.

"So this stuff has ginseng in it?" the Pink Perv asked Sample Girl. "Will it make me more horny than I already am?"

Sample Girl, instead of slapping him, chuckled nervously.

But he wasn't done yet. "Maybe I can come back after lunch and we can see," he added.

Sample Girl responded with uncomfortable silence, and the Pink Perv moved along. We don't know if he swung back around after lunch.
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