Pepsi Needs Pop Psychology

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Pepsi, how many times do we have to tell you the customer is always right? A new Wikipedia entry on Inca Kola discusses the disaster that was the Pepsi Challenge in Peru:

"The campaign was a disaster, three results came from the testing, all detrimental to Pepsi: 1) People were angered by the fact that they were 'wrong' in their choice and abandoned Pepsi, switching to either Coca-Cola or Inca Kola; 2) Those who chose Coca-Cola over Pepsi either switched to or stayed with Coca-Cola; 3) Those who were ambivalent between them cemented their ambivalence and switched to Inca Kola. Additionally, the costs of the Pepsi Challenge, which started to run into the millions of US dollars, coupled with managerial mistakes left CEPSA virtually bankrupt."

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