Pepsi's New Logo Under President John McCain

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Credit: Michael Thibodeau
Pepsi's taking a lot of heat for a logo that seems to copy Barack Obama's election campaign. Indeed, Pepsi exec Frank Cooper came this close to saying "Nuh-uh, Barack cheated off of us." You know what? He's probably more right than wrong. Pepsi's been rocking a circular logo with red, white and blue colors for decades. Then again, there's only so much you can do with that design and those colors, so of course it's going to be similar. Of course, if Pepsi hadn't been jumping all over the Obama bandwagon with its ad messaging, the company wouldn't sound ridiculous when denying the connections. At any rate, at left is a logo as imagined by Michael Thibodeau, a managing partner at Verse Group. Thibodeau's a logo designer by trade and created the MSN butterfly and the latest UPS shield among other things. This morning, over a cup of coffee, he imagined what Pepsi's logo would look like if things had turned out differently.
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