PETA, AdCouncil Set Ape Humor Back 2,000 Years

Conlon Pledges Not to Use Chimps, Orangutans in Ads

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According to a press release from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, AdCouncil President-CEO Peggy Conlon "has signed PETA's 'Great Ape Humane Pledge,' committing that the council will never use great apes in its ads." Granted, I can't remember the last time I saw either a chimp or an orangutan in an anti-drug spot or one of those "The More You Know" lectures, but this is one more step toward a chimp-free Super Bowl. According to PETA, "the Ad Council joins Subaru, Honda, Keds, PUMA,, Yahoo!, SEGA, and other companies that have also pledged not to use great apes in ads." PETA says it will pressure the marketers on the AdCouncil board to follow suit.

I don't think Trunk Monkey is going to take kindly to being handed a pink slip.

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