PETA Spot a Little Too Steamy for Some Networks

Cover Your Eyes, LOLCat Lovers

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Instead of stalking Sarah Jessica Parker and the gals on the red carpet to hurl red paint at them, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is using "Sex and the City" movie mania as a hook for a racy new PSA dubbed "Sex and the Kitty" to promote animal birth control.

(By the way, PETA apparently doesn't throw paint at fur wearers.)

"The women of 'Sex and the City' have nothing on our kitties," PETA VP Daphna Nachminovitch said in a statement. "When you consider the millions of unwanted cats and dogs born each year, it's clear that the purrfect solution is spaying and neutering companion animals."

When you leave your kitties "intact," apparently you are risking some rather X-rated behavior; the cats in the PSA get all soft-core to some bizarre House of Pain "Jump Around" rip-off and are so frisky that most networks, including MTV, have refused to air the spot.

But it is running though on one brave Seattle network, KSTW-TV, also known as the CW11 Seattle. OMFG!

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