PETA Super Bowl Stunt Deserves a Squirrel Sandwich

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In another attempt to earn free publicity, PETA has turned to the GoDaddy playbook: creating an ad that had no chance of being aired on broadcast TV and then crying foul when it's rejected. The difference, of course, is that GoDaddy actually has money and ads in the big game; PETA never would shell out that kind of money. You, dear reader, can surf the web to find the supposedly sexy video of women licking their vegetables. But here's what I'm going to do with such publicity stunts from here on out: I'm going to find either a commercial for a competitor or a spot that is the polar opposite of what a group stands for. Therefore, I present you with "Squirrel Melts." (Bonus fun fact: I'm from Louisiana and I have eaten squirrel. Tastes like rabbit.)

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