Phelps Proves Best Way to Sneak Past Security

Some Brands Go Unseen in Olympic Green; Others Hitch Ride With Swimmer

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At least some marketers are getting face time at the Olympics. Today The Wall Street Journal reported that megabrands such as Adidas, Coke and Lenovo are pissed off because the millions of dollars they spent on securing positions on the Olympic Green -- what should have been a high-traffic gathering area during the games -- have seemingly gone to waste due to "security concerns" from Beijing Olympic officials (should probably read: Chinese police officials).

But those lucky enough to hitch their wagons to the unrelenting force known as Michael Phelps have managed to collect $9 million of in-broadcast exposure value during the prime-time telecast, according to Joyce Julius & Associates. The measurement firm, which measures the value of sponsorships and promotional programs across all media, said today that "Adidas, Nike, Speedo and Visa logos have combined for six minutes of on-screen time exclusively from apparel worn by Phelps during NBC's coverage, beginning Saturday night and running through Tuesday night's double-gold triumph."

The firm reports that the warm-up jacket worn by Mr. Phelps during each of his five medal ceremonies has accounted for all of Nike's time with the swimmer and totals more than three-and-a-half minutes of TV time, or $5.3 million worth of exposure. The Speedo logos on Mr. Phelps' warm-up jacket, swim cap and bodysuit have garnered the brand nearly two-and-a-half minutes of airtime, or $3.6 million worth of exposure. (Adidas and Visa sneaked in through recaps of Phelps' career.)

Aside from his competitors, the brands Mr. Phelps has been covered in during this historic run are probably the only other people who want him to slow down a bit in hopes of extending that valuable exposure time.
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