Because Pink Elephants Are Always In Vogue

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Mind Hacks--my favorite pop science blog--has sniffed out a Belgian blond beer called Delirium Tremens. Yeah, that would be the same name as the alcohol detox syndrome.

This, of course, raises the question of brand names. Coca-Cola is going to have to stick with its nickname in Bolivia because the country wants the word "coca" banned. Of course, should the U.S. take the same tactic in the war on drugs, Pepsi would be the only option.

I'm serious. Take a look at Coca-Cola's 2003 Annual Report Summary. It lists all the brand names registered to the company. Shall we discuss the wisdom of drinks like Almdudler, Bimbo (for when you are feeling blonde), Bimbo Break (for when you are feeling brunette), or Freezits (hey, even acne deserves a life)?

Suddenly an award-winning pint of Delirium Tremens doesn't sound so bad.
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