Pizza Hut Brings Weak Game to March Madness

Free Pizza for the Cinderella College that Wins

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In its latest plea for media attention, Pizza Hut has offered free pizza to the entire university campus of the bottom-seeded NCAA tournament team that beats a number-one seed. At least I'm guessing they mean the NCAA, since it's not directly identified in the release. Pizza Hut spokesperson Dan Skinner admitted that the chain was attempting to circumvent any permission issues.

To their credit, Pizza Hut's release describes the likelihood of such an occurrence as "nearly unthinkable." The 69-year-old tournament expanded to 64 teams in 1985, thus creating four beleaguered 16 seeds each year. Since then, a bottom seed has never beaten a top seed. So Pizza Hut has a good chance of not having to cough up.

Should lightening strike at the Big Dance, Pizza Hut will give away 300,000 free slices of its Pizza Mia pizza to "currently enrolled" students and "active" faculty members. That's the equivalent of 38,000 pizzas.

Yum Brands has lately met with lopsided results in the giveaway department. KFC brought us the Super Bowl chicken dance, offering to donate $260,000 to "Colonel's Scholars" if any player or performer did a chicken dance on the field. The NFL denounced the tactic as "ambush marketing" and discouraged players from flapping their hot wings.

But back in October Taco Bell offered free tacos (to America!!) if any player stole a base during a World Series game. This offer, it should be noted, was in full cooperation with Fox and Major League Baseball. The chain made good after Red Sox rookie Jacob Ellsbury stole a base in game two.
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