Podcast with 'WSJ' Publisher Crovitz

Interview Indicative of Media Changes

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For those of you who might still be laboring under the impression that things haven't changed, check out this podcast of The Glenn & Helen Show.

If you're a hardcore media insider, you might not learn anything all that new from an interview with Wall Street Journal Publisher L. Gordon Crovitz (and it IS interesting). But the takeaway here is that two bloggers down in Tennessee, neither of whom specialize in "journalism" or are part of what's considered the "media establishment" a) were interested in this topic, b) landed an interview with Crovitz, c) had the relatively inexpensive and easy-to-use technology to put this together and d) have this particular installment of their show sponsored by Volvo.

More on The Glenn and Helen Show here. Glenn Reynolds is a law professor, the author of "Army of Davids" and is the man behind the Instapundit blog (which, incidentally is one of the blogs where Audi advertised elements of its "Art of the Heist" campaign). His wife, Helen Smith, is a forensic psychologist and writesher own blog.
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