Polar Bear Foils Pickle Iditarod in New Jersey Market

Claussen Campaign and Contest Journey to the Refrigerated Section

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Pickle picking is a dangerous ordeal. Behold this video footage of Sir Edwin Horsham and an unidentified New Jersey man as they journey to the refrigerated section of a New Jersey grocery store and are accosted by a ferocious polar bear!

In the words of Kurtz, "The horror."

But seriously. The video, one of many featuring Sir Edwin and his sled dogs journeying to the cold aisle, is part of a campaign and contest created by The Escape Pod, Chicago, for Claussen pickles. The Kraft Foods brand and its agency were faced with the challenge of reminding shoppers that Claussen pickles are not housed on the shelf with all those other brands, but are kept in refrigerators.

Now, I don't know much about pickles. I'm of the belief that if God wanted cucumbers to taste like that , they'd grow that way on the vine (which is a completely ridiculous statement, I know). If making them and packaging them cold makes them taste better, great! But if the average person is shopping for pickles and sees rows and rows of options on the shelves, he probably wouldn't even think to look in the refrigerated section. (I've dubbed this The Reverse Velveeta, in honor of that one time I searched for hours -- OK, minutes -- in the dairy section, only to be informed by a rather snobby Brooklyn grocer that Velveeta is not "real" cheese and does not need refrigerating.)

But I digress. Yes. So. Claussen wants consumers to know where to find its pickles. Hence the videos. And a "Conquer the Cold" Facebook contest. The mission? Take a picture of yourself next to Claussen pickles in the grocery store and upload it to Facebook. Winners can win cold-weather gear or a trip to Iceland or Alaska.

Say hello to Sarah Palin for me. Or Bjork.

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