Police Academy Needs Marketing 101

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I didn't know it should be part of the "to serve and protect" policy, but police just don't market themselves very well. PoliceOne.com has an essay all about it under "Police and The Press."

Word-of-mouth may be a hard concept to worry about when you carry a gun, but Richard B. Weinblatt thinks it should be hard-wired into cops' brains: "With a police marketing mentality, the positive stories on policing and those hardworking men and women who serve should vastly outnumber the crime driven and negative, department scandal driven items. We would finally keep pace with and perhaps surpass the fictionalized version of policing embedded in society's psyche. Only then would the true nature of law enforcement's service to the community be known and believed by the public."

Suddenly the war on drugs seems much more win-able by comparison.
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