Portfolio Died Because of New York City Inbreeding

What's the Media Equivalent of Hillbillies?

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I'm not quite sure that Michael M. Thomas is actually connecting the dots to Portfolio in this Forbes piece. But I admire his dedication to propping up its fresh corpse to use as a straw man in an anti-New York screed.

I think New York City is as much as any other cause responsible for the passing of Portfolio. Somehow, for all sorts of reasons, there has grown up in Manhattan, in media, finance and culture -- and in what passes for "society" -- a narrow establishment so ingrown, so inward-looking, so self-congratulatory, so self-regarding, so gossip-fixated and so all-in-all provincial that it would take the imagination of a Balzac or Flaubert to get it right.

And then he advocates launching a shoulder-fired missile at Michael's during lunch! Seriously!

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