Postal Service's Latest Pitch: Direct Mail Can't Be Hacked

Identity Thieves Would Never Think to Open an Envelope!

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The United States Postal Service has recently launched an ad touting the benefits of business mail. The spot, from Campbell-Ewald, claims that a refrigerator has never been hacked and that an online virus has never attacked a cork-board. "Give your customers the added feeling of security a printed statement or receipt provides. ... It's good for your business and even better for your customers."

All of that may be technically true. You can't hack a refrigerator or cork-board. And printed materials may give consumers the feeling of security. But! Really? A piece of paper being handled by various people along a route only to end up sitting in, more often than not, an unlocked box is secure? You know, there's a very good reason we're told not to send cash through the mail.

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