Potential Happy Cows Seem Neurotic, Unhappy

Also Geographically Challenged

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As part of its ongoing "Happy Cows" campaign, the California Milk Advisory Board is holding "auditions" for a new happy cow to join the "ranks of Diane, Janice and Sadie," the current California happy cows who hang out and delight in making fun of not-so-bright California bulls. The "audition tapes," though, don't seem to necessarily show happy cows. There's one cow locked in a fog bank in ... I don't know, fake England, judging by the fake accent. There's also a Canadian cow who's freezing her tail off. And there's another poor calf who's obviously just a tool of her mother's long-dead dreams of winning a beauty pageant. Who knows where that particular couple live, though. They claim to be Cajun bovines from Swampjuice County in the heart of bayou country. Hey, California people, Cajuns don't live in counties, they live in parishes. Anyway, you can check out the site here.
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