Likely PR Disasters for the Inauguration

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Hamilton Nolan over at Gawker has a list of things that could go wrong during Barack Obama's inauguration, causing a PR headache on day one. As someone who was stuck trying to escape from Invesco field after the big speech at the Democratic Convention, I can pretty much guarantee predictions of little old ladies getting stuck in the cold on the mall will come true. But Barack Obama has so much goodwill at this point -- don't you know he's the best president ever!?! -- grousing and complaining will be minimal. (I'd like to get excited, but the rest of you are making it difficult. The sort of people who roll their eyes and laugh at Ronald Reagan supporters are now suddenly running around like Moonie converts. Just makes me nervous.) For all of you going, stay warm and keep patient. And try to hit a bathroom before you get out there!

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