Press Release Benefits From Lost Luggage

Impeccable (if Accidental) Timing Helps the Cause

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Considering that half of those attending Cannes this week have had their luggage lost, a press release from company RFID LTD is impeccably timed. In the release RFID LTD President Nicholas Chavez states: "The airlines are mishandling eight bags out of every 1,000 they touch; more than the 18.4 percent rise last year this time. This means that that one piece of luggage is missing for every 125 travelers; totally inappropriate for a $5 billion a year industry that has had so many opportunities to resolve the problem. Our RFID-enabled BagChip is the obvious answer. Airlines need to take a serious look at this simple device."

Well done.

And it doesn't hurt that airlines this summer seem to be going above and beyond their usual suckitude.
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