Best Press Release of the Week

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It's no secret that I'll never be accused of being a hippie or a tree hugger or the sort of person who hangs his clothes in a closet. So a press release touting an eco-friendly hanger would seem a likely candidate for the digital trash bin. In fact, it would seem like the sort of thing to drive me so insane with the pointless nature of it all that I'd print out 500 copies, spray them with a can of hair spray, then set them on fire.

But kudos to 5wpr and its client the Hanger Network for crafting a great lead to tout the EcoHanger:

'No wire hangers...ever!' Joan Crawford was a woman before her time in the 1981 cult classic Mommie Dearest. These days, she would be happy to know that people share her thoughts on the wire hanger and are finally starting to do something about it.

Because they were kind enough to entertain me, I'll share with you the second paragraph of the release to tell you what the product is all about:

The EcoHanger is a biodegradable shirt hanger made of 100% recycled and recyclable paperboard. Created by in-home media company Hanger Network, it is distributed free to consumers through a network of more than 35,000 participating dry cleaners. Beyond solving Joan's woes, the eco-friendly platform also serves as a powerful way for advertisers to bring their brands into the homes and bedrooms of consumers and leave a lasting impression.

Bonus points for not using the word synergy in the press release.
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