Prince Charles Bad-Mouths McDonald's

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Looks like the Bonnie Prince of Wales is angling for Mike Bloomberg's job as Lord Royal Chief of the State of Infantilization and Nannyhood (I just made that up!).

Speaking to a crowd in the United Arab Emirates, Prince Charles said "that banning McDonald's fast food was crucial for improving people's diets."

While there are a whopping 25 McDonald's franchises in the United Arab Emirates, I'm not quite sure Ronald is to blame for the UAE's high diabetes.

Is there something more to this? Alastair Jamieson suggests Charles may be lashing out at McDonald's because Princess Di used to take the children there. And an AP report noted that Harry still likes a chicken sandwich every now and then.

A McD's spokesperson said Prince Charles may be out of touch with the progress the chain has made and that Harry may be a role model of common sense. I'm not sure what kind of chicken sandwich the wee princeling was scarfing down, but you'll note that a Premium Grilled Chicken Club has more calories than a Big Mac.

UPDATE: Even better is the fact that the Big Mac has fewer calories than some of the food that Charlie his ownself sells.
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