Prius Cozy: What Hipsters Must Drive in Heaven

Toyota, Saatchi LA Give Hybrid the Warm Fuzzies

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What's more hipsterish than hybrid cars and knitting? Using daddy's money to dress like a homeless person and live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, or Los Angeles. But that's beside the point. But also really hipsterish is this Prius Project effort from Toyota and agency Saatchi & Saatchi, Los Angeles, in which a Toyota Prius is wrapped in 100 skeins of yarn (I just learned that word today). Now, you're probably thinking, "Ho hum, they wrapped a car in a big ball of yarn." No, that is not what they did. They made this car a sweater! Like each panel got a nicely knitted piece of its very own from Magda Sayeg, founder of something called Knitta Please, a knitting community based in Austin. Just check it out. The end result is something a hipster would drive in heaven.

And for the record, I know the folks in this video aren't hipsters. They're all clean, well kept and look like a pleasant bunch of people to associate with. And there's not nearly enough pervy mustache action going on.

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