Pro-Smoking Cartoons in Anti-Tobacco Ad

Spot Uses Vaguely Familiar Icons

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Check out the latest spot from the American Legacy Foundation created by Arnold and Crispin Porter & Bogusky. They're using cartoons to brainwash our kids! Or they're using cartoons to say the tobacco companies are trying to brainwash our kids! Or something. Oddly enough, most of the cartoon characters here are ripped off from marketers or entities that don't sell cigarettes. There's a Lucky Charms-looking leprechaun. There's something that looks like Mr. Tumnus from Chronicles of Narnia. There's also a host of Disney-esque pixies, dwarves and a wizard. There's a dragon of the magical sort. Oh, and a unicorn.

Not a camel in sight. But to be fair, Dr. Cheryl Healton, the foundation's executive director, told Ad Age reporter Ira Teinowitz that American Legacy "didn't pick animation because of Joe Camel. We used it because it breaks through the clutter."

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