PSP Ads Make People Stupid

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If you're the sort who spends too much time on the web, you may have seen the supposed uproar in Europe over TBWA ads for the new white PSP. Apparently, it's been deemed racist. Far be it from us to editorialize on such opinions, but boy does stupidity spread as fast as wildfire. (Be sure to read the comments.)

We especially loved this analysis: "Importantly perhaps, the ads are for the European release of the white PSP and are appearing on billboards in Amsterdam rather than in the US where racial tension remains a fraught issue."

Right. Because Europe is a veritable paradise of harmony when it comes to things multicultural. Just ignore those riots in France. Forget about the Muhammed cartoons in Denmark. Oh, and never mind that Theo Van Gogh murder in--wait, where was that--oh, right, the Netherlands.

Sorry. We tend to, Hulk-like, turn into nationalistic troglodytes from time to time. How American of us. And the silliness did indeed jump the pond, causing a stir in, where else, San Francisco. At any rate, for a slightly more reasonable take, check out this post on Kotaku.

Marketing lesson here? Don't advertise. Ever. Anywhere. You might upset an idiot.
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