Psychic Friends Network Updates Online Presence

Web, Social Media, Vivica A. Fox Part of Effort to Reach Younger Demographic

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They totally knew we were going to write this.
They totally knew we were going to write this.
Psychic Friends Network is updating its web presence to reach a younger demographic, according to Direct Marketing News.

Mark Lasky, CEO of the publicly traded company, tells DMN: "In PFNI's heyday in the mid-90s, our consumers were largely women, aged 30 to 60. ... PFNI is looking to appeal to a younger audience that , with a social media angle, may include more males."

According to its website, the Psychic Friends' vision of the future for a younger demographic includes online payment options as well as "cutting-edge social media, apps, e-alerts, and instant messaging." And new spokeswoman Vivica A. Fox.

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