Pulled Pork in the Jerusalem Post

Fun With Contextual Advertising

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What do you think? Did White Castle decide a great way to get the word out about its new pulled-pork sandwiches would be a banner ad across the top of The Jerusalem Post website? Or is this just one of those silly mishaps that occur due to ad networks running contextual ads and swine flu being the flavor of the week?

Obviously, it's the latter. Emily Bryson York reached out to White Castle. Leah Knepper, public relations manager at Zimmerman, White Castle's agency, said that the Post ad was placed as part of a large multisite network buy. While the company had established a set of guidelines, she said, "they obviously weren't strict enough in this particular case." She added, "We are in the process of working with the client to refine these guidelines to eliminate all animal-cruelty sites, religious sites and any other sites that might deem the ads offensive."

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